Spring green has arrived, now is the time to experience the difference..

Now is the time to contact us about our customized lawn and shrub fertilization programs. The difference between us and the big companies is we have the same guys doing the work, so there are never any guess work of what the last person did to your property, we offer high quality customized programs using customized materials that no one else can offer, we never have hidden charges and fee’s, all services provided are guaranteed to provide results and have your property shining above the rest in the neighborhood. We get so many customers who have run the mill of the larger companies, and we hear how refreshing it is to have a quality service that takes pride in the work, the customers don’t have to re sod their lawns as with the previous companies they have used. We build our relationship with the customers for the long term, not the short term to gain as many customers as possible and then sell out, that tactic has played out many times in the Tampa Bay area, larger companies padding their customer lists for the only desire to sell, we are different because we care about each customer and take the time to provide quality service at a fair price and gain the trust of our customers to know we will take care of them, for the long term. Its just the little things that makes smaller companies so much better, honesty, integrity, customized services that only we can provide. Larger companies purchase the same materials for all their customers, whether it is the right product for your lawn or not, everyone gets the same products from them, we provide customized services that your lawn and shrubs need. Your lawn may call for a different product than your neighbor, that’s where we provide the customized applications that you will not get from the bigger companies, who are too busy trying to service as many customers as quickly as possible. Another tactic used by larger companies is to use cheap, generic and sometimes even agriculture grade products on your lawn and property, not only is it a potential health hazard, it is also you the customer wasting your money on inferior products, just so the bigger guys can pad their wallets. Until you decide to experience the difference of quality customized services, you and your lawn may never experience how much better things can be.