When it comes to the value of a lush, green Florida lawn or the vivid 3-D colors your ornamentals can provide, you demand quality. That’s why you depend on Bulldog Pest Control to deliver you the high quality service you see in your neighborhood.

Why is Bulldog Different?

We take pride in our ability to provide you with personalized service and apply the highest quality, safest and most effective turf products giving you complete confidence in knowing we NEVER apply agriculture grade products in your home or on your lawn. This ensures the safety of your family, your pets and the environment. Unlike most companies, we treat you as a customer, not a number. We take pride in helping you resolve any issues without making excuses or placing untrue blame. We apply the same materials in our residences as we would with yours, they are all E.P.A. approved and applied according to the label, which is the law when it comes to pest control.

We provide a monthly service, pre-emergent weed control and chinch bug control year-round for no additional cost. See if your current provider offers the same service at no additional costs. Our services are pro-active and focus on issues in the turf before they arise.


A perfect lawn speaks volumes about who you are. It is letting your neighbors know you take pride in your investment and you love to see results. that’s why you hired bulldog pest control to provide your services, you want to see results and maintain the confidence of knowing you have professionals providing the best service possible in the industry!

It’s time to kick off your shoes and enjoy your lawn!


If your goal is to have the healthiest shrubs, free of pests and disease, but full of life and #-D colors, we  have programs to fill your request.

Similar to turf, trees and shrubs can be affected by pests, diseases, malnourishment and stresses. We apply high quality products to prevent deficiencies in your shrubs and trees. We also address and prevent insects from attacking your foliage and treat for fungus control to keep your shrubs and trees full of health and bursting with color all year!

Insect Control

Lawn pests can pose serious threats to damage your investment, family and pets. The professionals at Bulldog Pest Control have specially designed programs in place to address the potential harms caused by invading pests such as fire ants, mole crickets, chinch bugs,  and army worms. We will provide you with the ideal area to kick off your shoes and enjoy your lawn!

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