We control the most common pests that Florida deals with on a normal basis, but if you happen to encounter a specialized pest such as bedbugs, bees, wildlife or wild hogs, we can offer you a more intensive service plan.

With Your Schedule in Mind

We understand our customer’s needs and desires. You need service and you have a busy schedule. That’s why we created service programs to provide  you with effective and safe exterior pest control solutions. By inspecting and treating the exterior, commonly where pests live and enter your structures, we are able to prevent an interior infestation and keep you safe from the dangers of pests, all the while not requiring you to be home. If you are experiencing interior issues, we can definitely provide those services, as well!

Bulldog Pest Control services are scheduled in advance so you can depend on us to provide excellent services on time.

One-time Service

Our one-time service will provide you results to your pest problem and is guaranteed for a 30 day period.

Monthly Service

Monthly Service is a frequent service that provides continuous control and pest prevention to ensure you will be pest free. This service is geared for the person that has a pest infestation that needs to be controlled or has a low tolerance for pests.

Quarterly Service

We provide a thorough interior and exterior service every season to prevent pest entry and maintain control. Perfect for the person who wants occasional service, but still wants control of the pest. As with all of the services we provide, if you experience issues in-between services, by covered pest, we will return at no additional charge.

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