There are several treatment options avalable. Two of the most common methods are a bating program and a liquid program. Both are designed to protect and prevent.

Baiting Program

The baiting program consists of discrete installation of termite bait in stations into the soil along your structures. There are many advantages to having a baiting program, such as, they require no drilling, digging, or trenching around your home or structure. Nor do bait stations require a chemical application. The stations are easy to live with and do not require you to be home to have them services on their scheduled service date. The baiting program is a termite monitoring program that allows us to monitor your program for termite activity and replace internal monitoring devices with bait once termite activity is found. This eliminates the approaching termite colony. As the termites feed on the bait and travel back to the colony, they share the termite bait and recruit others to feed. As this process continues, the colony is eliminated.

Liquid Program

Liquid applications have been a cornerstone method of controlling termites in the industry for decades. With recent chemical advancements in products such as Termidor, today’s termite treatments can last up to 10 years. The application process typically involves trenching the perimeter of your structure to create a treatment zone. Termites will enter the treatment zone and contact the applied termiticides for total termite control. in some cases, masonry drilling is suggested to reach sub slab and void areas to apply the materials correctly. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you prevent destructive termites from eating your investment! Learn about theĀ  ‘Transfer Effect” at

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