Prepare now for Winter..

Now is the time to prepare yourself for the coming winter months, make sure you have plenty of foliage covers on hand to be ready for the days of frost and plant and shrub protection, make sure you reduce the watering to your lawn and shrubs to avoid overwatering in the offseason of growing to avoid applying too much water and causing fungus and freeze damages. be sure your irrigation timer boxes are adjusted to the proper time and coverages, it will benefit you over the winter to avoid spring fungus issues.

Make sure all your door sweeps are sealing well, all of your air conditioner chase lines that go up the side of your house or office building are sealed well to prevent entry and winter nesting points for rats and squirrels. Taking a few small steps will save you time and money now preventing these issues.

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Lawn of the Month

Don’t be surprised to receive yard of the month or lawn of the month if your community participates in such events, we have had the pleasure of allowing many of our customers to showcase their houses by way of our quality services.20150313_082508

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Lawn Quality Can’t Hide

That is the good, the bad for some folks and the beautiful for the rest. Quality speaks for its self, it does not need 50 signs in the yard to say it looks good, this picture here is our lawn in the closest image, and a large company doing their neighbor next door in the farthest image, you can clearly see the quality difference and this is coming out of the driest month we have had so far this year. So, don’t get sold on hype, or the size of a company, or how many free services they are willing to give away, if a company does good work, they will never have to hype or give it away, make you sign a long term contract or do the dog and pony show. 20150611_082653

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Spring green has arrived, now is the time to experience the difference..

Now is the time to contact us about our customized lawn and shrub fertilization programs. The difference between us and the big companies is we have the same guys doing the work, so there are never any guess work of what the last person did to your property, we offer high quality customized programs using customized materials that no one else can offer, we never have hidden charges and fee’s, all services provided are guaranteed to provide results and have your property shining above the rest in the neighborhood. We get so many customers who have run the mill of the larger companies, and we hear how refreshing it is to have a quality service that takes pride in the work, the customers don’t have to re sod their lawns as with the previous companies they have used. We build our relationship with the customers for the long term, not the short term to gain as many customers as possible and then sell out, that tactic has played out many times in the Tampa Bay area, larger companies padding their customer lists for the only desire to sell, we are different because we care about each customer and take the time to provide quality service at a fair price and gain the trust of our customers to know we will take care of them, for the long term. Its just the little things that makes smaller companies so much better, honesty, integrity, customized services that only we can provide. Larger companies purchase the same materials for all their customers, whether it is the right product for your lawn or not, everyone gets the same products from them, we provide customized services that your lawn and shrubs need. Your lawn may call for a different product than your neighbor, that’s where we provide the customized applications that you will not get from the bigger companies, who are too busy trying to service as many customers as quickly as possible. Another tactic used by larger companies is to use cheap, generic and sometimes even agriculture grade products on your lawn and property, not only is it a potential health hazard, it is also you the customer wasting your money on inferior products, just so the bigger guys can pad their wallets. Until you decide to experience the difference of quality customized services, you and your lawn may never experience how much better things can be.

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Spring Forward, Don’t forget your Sprinkler Timers..

Spring Forward, Don’t forget your Sprinkler Timers..

With the changing times, it is a good idea to change the timers on your irrigation boxes as well to ensure proper watering and times. It is also a good time now to inspect for any broken, damaged or malfunctions on your system. Proper irrigation nd times will be important as the higher temps. rise and watering of shrubs and lawn becomes critical of results.

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New Construction is thriving, So are Termites, Pre Treat Now..

pretreatWith all the new construction happening, all the new lumber being installed in a Sub Termites eyes, you just installed a 45.00 T-Bone steak for them. Unless you hire a quality company that can perform your pre construction soil applications, with high quality materials and install it properly, your new investment could go un protected. Anytime you break ground in Florida to build, it is always a good idea to protect the project you are building from the damages of Sub Termites, Contact us today to see how we can provide you quality protection on your next project.

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Here comes the Fall, AND the PESTS!

With cooler weather hopefully on the way soon, this is a perfect time to get your house or office building ready for the pests that tend to invade when the cooler temps arrive or the driving rains from cold fronts push them to higher ground, inspect and fix any gaps in doors any holes in walls, cut back any shrubs and bushes away from the exteriors. With a little prevention maintenance you can avoid the bugs to come. Here is an article on this subject..

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Summer Snakes are on the move..

Summer snake activity is officially at an all season high. I have seen numerous snakes in lawns while spraying this past week alone. It is a good time to snake proof your home and yard, remove all piles of clutter and wood, check all the door sweeps to your house and patios, garages. You can prevent many encounters by keeping your shrubs trimmed up and not allowing the snakes to have a vegetative habitat around your home. Applying moth balls to density areas will help repel some species of snakes, but for further info. you can visit this page and get the complete run down.

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Is it an Ant, or Termite?

Been getting a lot of calls about the question of is this an ant or termite? The best way to know is to identify it as A winged ant reproductive will have a elbowed antennae, constricted waist, and smaller size of hind wings when compared to front wings. The termites typically have 4 wings of the same size. This time of year is the Sub Termite swarm season so don’t be surprised to see tons of flying termites this time of year. Here is a page from Ifas that describes more detail with pictures for more information on the Ants..

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Spring Cleaning & Mosquitos

Spring Cleaning & Mosquitos

It is always a good idea to use a landscape mat to lay on the bare ground before you replace the mulch for the spring time replacements, this will apply a barrier to your flowerbed areas, prevent weeds from interfering with your design of shrubs and plants and mulch, as well has help prevent the weeds spreading into your lawn and other unwanted areas. If you simply throw mulch on top of bare soil, you can expect to have a weed infestation and will cause more issues than it’s worth.

It may be a good idea to do your pressure washing and painting before you decide to replace mulch and shrubs and colorful flowers. Here is a website that has tips for natural plantings that will help repel mosquitos, knowing how warm the recent winter really was for us, and the steady rain you can expect the zombie attack of mosquitos to be early again this year as soon as the heat warms up they will be out in force, this is a safe and all natural way to help get in front of the problem..

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